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Acid House movement and its influence on art

The famous 80s sub-genre Acid House, is an iconic style of house music incorporating a deep bassline synthesizer and trancing, hypnotic lyrics. With artists such as Phuture, DJ Pierre and 808 State carving the way for many artists to adopt this psychedelic form of house music.

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Graffiti.. From cave walls to gallery walls

  Since the dawn of human civilisation, forms of graffiti have always taken place. Right from carvings in caves, to Ancient Greek and Romans rebelling and protesting poetry across street walls. Deriving from the Greek word ‘Graafian’ the art form has taken the world by storm and played a crucial role in modern art. During the 60s the rise of the art form started to take off as ‘tags’ became more common in subways and other popular areas of New York. Throughout the early phases of modern graffiti, graffiti artists or ‘taggers’ as they were known as, were typically part of gangs and used tagging as a way to mark out their territory from other rival members. However, during the...

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Prince will always reign over us..

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota of 1958, the worldwide singer-songwriter Prince had taken the musical culture by storm with his massive talents in integrating all different genres of music. From funk to pop, he could play multiple instruments including the electric guitar, drums, clarinet and even the acoustic piano. At just the age of 19 the young and talented musician got signed to a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records, helping to shape him into the Prince we all knew and loved. Soon after, he went on to produce some of his most well-known records including Dirty Mind, 1999 and even Purple Rain. Throughout Princes worldwide success he won many awards, including being one of the most nominated musicians to ever...

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