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One of the most universally recognisable symbols of our time, loved by everyone from ravers to Fatboy Slim to a whole world of texters, and everyone in-between, the sunny yellow smiley face burst onto the scene in the early 60s designed as a motivational tool in an insurance company, of all places. Fast forward to the 90s, a time of great cultural change, which in turn generated a wave of new trends and symbols. Did the smiley face make the cut into its 4th decade? And just how popular were smiley faces in the 90s? Let's take a look.  THE ORIGINS OF THE SMILEY FACE Having been around since 1963, the smiley was created by graphic artist Harvey Ball. He...

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Acid House movement and its influence on art

The famous 80s sub-genre Acid House, is an iconic style of house music incorporating a deep bassline synthesizer and trancing, hypnotic lyrics. With artists such as Phuture, DJ Pierre and 808 State carving the way for many artists to adopt this psychedelic form of house music.

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