A Q&A with TBOY

How would you describe your work to someone who didn't know it? I would say it’s a combination of post graffiti, 3D construction and a touch of surreal

Where do you get your ideas?
Influences are music, culture, iconic people, and moments in time

Who are your artistic influences? 
Influences are Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Peter Blake, Jamie Reed, Jimmy Cauty, Dali, and a touch of Warhol

What do you like about those artists?
I like irony, the message, originality and always working to create new and exciting ideas. Peter Blake, I love the collections side of his work and the nostalgia

What do you want to achieve with your art? 
For someone to buy a piece of my work and hang it on the wall is a massive compliment.
Goal is to work bigger, bolder, and more inventive. Always achieving more

Why use currency in your work? 
I like the concept of using something that is fundamentally an ugly thing that creates divisiveness, greed and wars and turning it into something beautiful. Destroying cash, recycling it, and turning it into something more valuable and desirable than the thing I’ve destroyed is cool 

Is there any reason why you would choose dollars over pounds (or vice-versa) in a particular piece? 
Cost. A dollar is still a dollar but a vintage £10 is about £15! This shit gets expensive!

Is currency art Pop Art? 
Yes, I think so. Warhol one of the founders of pop art made consumables cool. Nothing says consumer like cash! It’s the ultimate pop art

What relevance, if any, does your currency work have in terms of the current cost of living crisis? Is there any other political/social motivation or message in the work? 

I think it’s the right place and time for currency work. Governments would like to end cash as they can control a cashless society so yes there is a political / social message. But inevitably I just like to make people smile and enjoy

Are there other contemporary artists whose work you particularly align yours with?
I respect PENNY artist a lot for the quality of work, Banksy deserves a nod too for his Difaced notes

What do you want the viewer to feel/ understand/ get from your currency work? 
Not to look too hard always for a message. Sometimes art can be just enjoyable. To appreciate the time and thought and hopefully smile

What are the different avenues you are exploring workwise, alongside the currency art? 
Large print work, sculpture, 3D ideas and conceptual pieces

A bit about your process.. HOW is your work made? The practicalities of the process.
I use currency, spray can, gold / silver leaf, POSCAS, blow torch, resin, and anything unusual. It’s good to be a butterfly. I see something, study it, take it apart and then work out how to do it better.

Best is yet to come! Watch this space!