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Street art is a powerful, albeit sometimes illegal, creative form of public expression that has been around for centuries. It’s an in-your-face, immediate way for an artist to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas to a wide audience. Street art appears in many forms, from graffiti to murals, and it has become an important part of urban culture. Many cities have dedicated street art areas and competition for wall space in such areas can be intense. One notable example being Wynwood Walls in Miami.  But what exactly defines street art?  THE ORIGINS OF STREET ART Street art has its roots in graffiti, one definition of which being: writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place...

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Acid House movement and its influence on art

The famous 80s sub-genre Acid House, is an iconic style of house music incorporating a deep bassline synthesizer and trancing, hypnotic lyrics. With artists such as Phuture, DJ Pierre and 808 State carving the way for many artists to adopt this psychedelic form of house music.

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