Prince will always reign over us..

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota of 1958, the worldwide singer-songwriter Prince had taken the musical culture by storm with his massive talents in integrating all different genres of music. From funk to pop, he could play multiple instruments including the electric guitar, drums, clarinet and even the acoustic piano. At just the age of 19 the young and talented musician got signed to a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records, helping to shape him into the Prince we all knew and loved. Soon after, he went on to produce some of his most well-known records including Dirty Mind, 1999 and even Purple Rain. Throughout Princes worldwide success he won many awards, including being one of the most nominated musicians to ever exist and achieving 25 awards in total including 8 Grammys, an Oscar and even an MTV award. Being deemed as such an icon, Prince had a massive influence on the modern pop culture. Heavily inspiring fashion, music and art during his musical reign, he changed the way people perceived rock, funk and pop music, inspiring a new wave of creators that were energized by his refreshing change in modern music and culture at his time of fame.

My love for Prince started at the age of 14 and ever since then I was deeply inspired by the artist. During a time of musical revolutions and innovation, society was changing rapidly with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses and Queen also being very prevalent during the 1980s, Prince helped shape pop culture along with some of the most iconic musicians to ever exist, and for the better. Influenced by 'The Kid' I love creating art work , adding my own twist on this musical genius, shown in my iconic Prince £1999 bank note here and the Prince ‘Purple Reign’ pinball glass print here which can be found on