Bowie a wonderful Oddity

Since his first worldwide success, Space Oddity, releasing in 1969, David Bowie has developed an extraordinary iconic status and inspired millions across the globe. Born in Brixton of 1947, Bowie always had a burning passion for creating music, his interest in rock culture and music sparked from his older half brother Terry and he had soon started playing the saxophone at just age 13, quickly grasping the use of other instruments such as the keyboard and even the guitar, but this was just the beginning of Bowies rise to superstardom.

Throughout Bowies life he also had been a keen artist and had expressed his creativity through his fashion and artistic ability, eventually creating an iconic brand for himself which became recognisable globally.  Throughout his rise to fame Bowie went through many iconic changes and alter egos including the likes of Halloween Jack, Major Tom and Ziggy Stardust which was inspired by his fascination in space travel and science fiction, later proving to be one of Bowies most well-known alter egos as it was unparalleled for its time, Bowie also greatly influenced many great artists with his exploration into his unique alter egos.

Art by Tboy has also been greatly influenced by Bowies cultural revolution as he played such a big part in the transformation of music as it is today and has been greatly inspired by Bowies eye-opening musical talents, putting his own twist on this legendary icon by incorporating a 60s pop art style that helps to capture Bowies striking impression on society, Bowie has also been the centrepiece in many of Art by Tboys pieces including “Bowie defaced £25 note” which can all be found on and help capture this iconic legend in a different light.